Original Quotations
By Brandon Royal ©2007



Ambition measures how far we will go.
Character measures how much it will cost.


Chemistry starts a relationship; congeniality carries it.


We live in a world riddled with gimmicks and sugar-coated with hyperbole:
millions have become billions, and billions trillions;
clerkship is now called management, and management, leadership;
and any semblance of individual achievement is gilded brilliant or genius.



The cleverest of all, do not try to be clever at all.


Dis-position ranks first in position.


Education and ignorance are strange bedfellows:
education always sets the alarm but ignorance keeps rolling over.

Five senses

To the scientist, reason is everything; to the hunter, instinct is the thing;
to a child – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch – these compare to anything.


Inte-grity, inte-grity, inte-grity ... why must you be so gritty.



Intellect without passion is like learnedness without compassion: both are feeble.


Jealousy is like the sound of a dripping faucet; it can drive us crazy.


To know “not what to do” is a “knot” one must undo.


To know and really do, touches the highest pedigree
To know and still not do, tastes of less than first degree
To know what not to do, smells of credence I agree
But to know not what to do, sounds an awful lot like me.


The building of a strong life is like the building of a house:
intellect best draws the blueprint, but only passion can dig the foundation.


Life’s lessons are like books on a shelf – storing them is one thing, remembering to use them is another.


Life is the ultimate game: it moves like chess; it bets like cards; it second-guesses like charades.


Life is like a sponge and experience like water – the more water we absorb along the way,
the more we have to give back in the end. And hopefully there’s not too much evaporation in between.


Life begins with questions that need to be answered and ends with answers that need to be questioned.



In the heart, head, and hands – that is where love must live.


Love is a strange science: part chemistry, part biology, add theology, and don’t forget astrology.


Objectivity requires two eyes: one to see, one to roam free.


Preservation is salvation, lest we go insane.


Plans without action grow timid;
Actions without plan grow reckless.


Regrets are like water caught in a sponge: eventually we must ring them out.


Speech tells of the color of our mind; character tells its shape.


Successmatics: cannot – not = can


The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. acronym:

Super effort.
Unusual drive.
Copy what works,
Change what doesn’t.
Exercise now and cut out excess.
Save a little more, spend a little less.
Start all over again the very next day.

Talent/Opportunity Cost

The greatest opportunity cost is talent already lost.


Theory without practice grows timid;
Practice without theory grows reckless.


Nature asks not of rainbows without rain, nor should we expect truth without pain.


Wit is the invisible knife that carves humor from language.


Words are my oil wells.

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